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For every $1 spent on Cloud Solutions, you would spend $4 for a Client Server solution. Forbes Analytics 2017

STRATUS DX features

All features designed to work seamlessly on the web.

Responsive Design

Designed for all web browsers, tablets and mobile smart phones.

Instrument Interfaces

A comprehensive library of Instrument interfaces utilizing the latest technologies.

HL7 Interfaces

Over 20 years of integration experience with EMR's, Billing, Reference Labs & other Systems.

Pain Management Suite

A comprehensive set of tools designed specifically for Pain Management.

Cloud Results

Provides easy web access for all of your clients to review lab reports and electronic order entry.

Quality Control

A full suite of QC tools with Westgard, Levy Jennings & QC management reports.

A Comprehensive and Affordable LIS

IMAGINE A WORLD WITH NO MORE CLIENT SERVER. STRATUS DX is an affordable laboratory information system that requires no maintenance, decreasing the cost of ownership. A full suite of comprehensive tools to manage samples through the pre-analytic, analytic and post-analytic phases of testing. Utilize the management and billing reports along with sales tracking reports for reference labs.

Laboratory outreach is provided to allow physicians to review results from the web and manage their results from an Inbox. Electronic order entry from the providers' site is provided with barcode labeling and requisition reports that include provider and patient signatures.

Top Features

Real use of the CLOUD

No hardware required. Operate your lab through the cloud without the worries of needing an IT infrastructure. Very low cost to maintain. Your data is safe and secure. Providers can access their lab reports via the web along with the more traditional web based faxing that is available.

Reference Labs & POL's

A full suite of features for Reference Labs to manage their growing client base and allow for web based ordering and results through your labs portal. For POL's, integration with your EMR and Billing system. A comprehensive suite of lab management reports to monitor your workflow and productivity.

Pain Management

Medications are integrated into Lab Reporting. Interpretive report summaries with "Consistent" and "Inconsistent" to the medication protocols. Provider signature reports & patient/provider signatures for requisitions.

Interface Options

Fully integrates with all EHR's including BaseCode64 reporting. Billing interfaces and Reference Lab interfaces using the latest HL7 methods. A comprehensive suite of Instrumentation Interfaces.

Quality Control

Real use of the CLOUD

No hardware required. Technical consultants can access your QC from any location.

Realtime QC Review

QC can be reviewed immediately from the instrumentation transmission. Flags, warnings and Westgaurd rules can be triggered.

Comprehensive QC Reporting

QC Management Reports which include Levy Jennings, Westgaurd Failure,Control Summaries, Daily Controls, Corrective Action and many more. Retention time QC for LCMS is availalable.

Flexible & Easy to Use

Our user friendly software interface allows for easy navigation. Access to your QC data is always there with CLoud technology.

Scalable to your needs

STRATUS DX is a scalable solution that can work in a Physicians Office Lab and scale upwards to processing thousands of samples each day in a Reference Laboratory. The power of the cloud allows STRATUS DX to be configured to mange your laboratory operations on any scale and can grow with your success. As your automation requirements grow, STRATUS DX will grow with your needs. Our Software as a Service model is priced based on the number of providers the system manages until you get to an unlimited threshold.

Instrument Integration

Clinical Equipment

We have a comprehensive library of instrument interfaces with Clinical Diagnostic Instrumentation.

  • Chemistry
  • Special Chemistry
  • Hematology
  • Coagulation
  • Urinalysis
  • Microbiology
  • Molecular Diagnostics

Tox & Pain Management

Iterfaces to Toxicology instrumentation including:

  • Automated Screening
  • LCMS Confirmation
  • LCMS/MS Confirmations

Molecular Diagnostics and Micro

Interfaces developed to identify microbes & pathogens as well as pharmacogenetics by utilizing polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based technologies, fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH), peptide nucleic acids (PNA), electrochemical detection of DNA. Antibiotic Susceptibility testing through various technology platforms.

Work Flow Automation

We can interface to middleware and work flow automation technologies that produces high specimen throughput. Automated pipetting platforms can be interfaced to increase sample preperation to increase productivity and turn around times.

Laboratory Outreach

STRATUS DX is an LIS and Laboratory Outreach within the same product. Users can access critical lab data from any mobile device or internet connection. Some of the features that you can provide are:

  • Clinical Lab Reports
  • Cummulative Reports & Trending Results
  • Review Test Results
  • Productivity Reports
  • Electronic Order Entry Questions
  • ABN's & Medical Necessity
  • Ask at Order Entry
  • Barcode Label Printing with Requisitions
  • Manifest Reports with sample Tracking
  • Lab Results Inbox for Providers
  • Turn around Time Reporting
  • Monitor Pendings, Prelims and Final Results

There are no licensing fees with Lab Outreach. Unlimited user access is provided to each lab so that all of your customers can access their lab results as well as create lab orders, print barcode labels and requisitions.

Reports Suite

Work Flow Management

A comprehensive library of over 125 management reports.

  • Pending Reporting & Work Load Reports
  • Batch Label and Requisitions
  • Batch Result Reporting
  • Medical Necessity Failure
  • Order Frequency Violations
  • Specimen Audit Reports
  • Turn Around Time

Data Analysis

  • Positive Summary Reports
  • Inconsistent Summary Reports
  • Various Usage Reports
  • Custom Data Exports
  • Security Reports
  • Instrument Usage Reports
  • Accounting & Billing Reports
  • Security Reports

Result Reports

  • Clinical Diagnostic Reports
  • Pain Management Reports
  • Toxicology Reports
  • Molecular Diagnostics Reports
  • Microbiology Reports
  • THC Certificate of Analysis
  • Cummulative Reporting


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Intuitive Design

Easy to learn and navigate. A streamlined design that is clean and intuitive. Menus are easy to manage and samples can be easily queried.


Lower Your Cost Per Test

STRATUS DX LIS will provide you with tools to achieve high output and low maintenance which will lower your cost per sample.


HL7 Interfaces

Stratus DX LIS connects all of your data to EHR's, Billing, Reference Labs as well as instumentation.Total Interoperability from the Cloud.


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We are a dedicated team of Healthcare and IT professionals committed to providing a safe, secure and affordable solution to the Clinical Lab. Our Products and Support are how we market our services through references.

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Unchain the burden your lab inherits from the Titanic weight of supporting a client server relic. No more workstations with limited access. Remove the need to depend on your IT staff to check on the server.

Utilizing world class web services similar to Google, Microsoft and Amazon, your data is secure and HIPAA compliant. Our cloud-based technology ensures that your data is backed up in the cloud across redundant servers eliminating the possibility of data loss.