StratusDX for Molecular Diagnostics

The StratusDX LIS offers plate mapping utilities to organize your sample runs and instrument interfaces to your Molecular Diagnostics equipment allowing you to process and review your data within the LIS. A few of the instruments include QuantStudio 3, 5, 7, 12K Flex, Thermo Scientific 7500 Fast, BioRad, Biotecne Ella, qTOWER, Cobas4800, BIOER LINEGene, AUSDX-FlowFlex, Abbott Alinity and many more. Additionally, StratusDX provides a full library of molecular result reports to choose from as well as document management for your lab's various procedures and SOP's. A full audit trail is available that tracks order progress from sample order, receipt, department tracking to final result report. As with all StratusDX modules, Molecular Diagnostics offers a fully integrated Quality Control feature set that allows for immediate QC results transmission from the instrument and can be set to display flags, warnings and to use Westguard rules.

Software Support is provided by highly skilled support engineers with the industries best resolution times. Your StratusDX cloud-based LIS has 24/7 firewall surveillance, automated backups and multiple layers of security to provide you and your staff with access to your system 24 hours and day, 7 days a week!

Features Molecular Diagnostics

  • • Comprehensive reporting

  • • Document management

  • • Realtime QC review

  • • Integrated to Toxicology Module

  • • Fully scalable so it grows with your lab

  • • Westguard rule-sets and Levey Jennings reports

  • • Data mining tools that allow for patient studies

  • • Plate mapping utilities

  • • Data exports

  • • Sanford & Coriell report API compatable