StratusDX for Anatomical Pathology

The StratusDX AP module allows for Anatomical Pathology analysis through building workflows to meet your lab’s needs. Technicians can create unlimited sections from biopsies, perform analysis and staining, capture images and require peer review to produce a custom AP report with imaging.

Software Support is provided by highly skilled support engineers with the industries best resolution times. Your StratusDX cloud-based LIS has 24/7 firewall surveillance, automated backups and multiple layers of security to provide you and your staff with access to your system 24 hours and day, 7 days a week!

Features Anatomical Pathology

  • • Create individual sections per patient based on biopsy sample

  • • Build workflows into sample processing & analysis

  • • Import Images to be published during Peer Review & Final Reporting

  • • Incorporates CPT Codes and SNOMED

  • • Require Peer review for final reporting

  • • Utilize comments library to streamline analysis

  • • Apply signatures to final reports

  • • Audit trail to identify initials of each tech throughout the workflow

  • • The AP module is built into the Clinical System as a plug in

  • • User based security to access various features

Security Feature: The Anatomical Pathology module provides security settings where only accredited individuals can perform Peer Review and also limits access when needed. A Pathologists signature can be applied to the report upon final review.