Patient Portal & Patient Outreach

Direct-to-Consumer Registration & Testing

Patient Portal allows for patients to receive notifications to login and review their lab results from any web connection, mobile phone or tablet while Patient Outreach allows your lab to create unique web pages for patient registration for direct-to-consumer testing.

Patient Portal Features:

  • Unlimited user licenses for access to patient portal 24/7
  • Text and Email notifications to patient when results are ready
  • Review and print lab reports
  • Historical view of all lab orders
  • Print lab requisitions for sample collection
  • Create lab orders
  • Smart Login technology
  • Configurable for special patient populations to access

Patient Outreach Features:

  • Build unique web pages specific to your testing goals
  • Direct to consumer COVID-19 workflow to allow for registration and collection
    of payments before testing
  • Directly connects with Patient Poral
  • Brand your pages specifically for your testing partnership with client
  • Print registration requisition for patient sample collection
  • Mobile friendly registration web pages specific for COVID-19 testing