About Us

Founded in 2011

StratusDX is a dedicated team of Healthcare, Laboratory and IT professionals that are committed to providing a safe, secure and affordable solution to the clinical lab. By delivering cloud computing technologies StratusDX is changing the way laboratories around the country utilize Laboratory Information Systems.

  • We understand real-world laboratory workflow and process
  • A team of skilled and knowledgable staff to support our clients
  • Founded by industry professionals that understand your needs
  • HIPPA and CLIA certified and compliant
  • Regular system updates ensures the most modern system features
  • Software customization is available so you never outgrown your LIS


George Tanaka, Lab Director

Interventional Pain Associates

"I was completely shocked at how affordable the system was compared to the dinosaur client server solutions. I now have an LIS and Outreach product in one cloud based solution. The best decision we ever made."

Katharine Johnson, Lab Manager

Magnolia Pain CLinic

"We couldn't believe how powerful the system was. Reports generate so quickly when comapred to the client server solution we replaced."

Ashra Patel, Lab Director

Vital Science Laboratory

"The STRATUS-DX system has everything we need and doesn't have the unnecessary overkill of bells and whistles that our old system had. It runs our lab smoothly with no more IT maintenance needed. No MORE RUNNING BACK-UPS!!"

Company Profile

StratusDX at a Glance

Our mission is to deliver the most affordable, easy to use, secure and technlogically adept LIS in the market today.

  • Professional Staff We employ more than 20 healthcare, laboratory and IT professionals.
  • Project Management We use proven Project Management methodologies for every implimentation.
  • Columbia, MD Executive offices located in Columbia, MD.
  • Dallas, TX Primary operational office located in Dallas, TX.