Auto Web Fax

Version 1.0

Cloud based faxing for providers and clients

Auto-Fax 1.0 allows labs to immediately start sending faxes to their providers and customers utilizing the power of the cloud. No hardware set up is required. StratusDX hosts the web-based faxing solution to allow your lab the freedom to fax lab reports with 0% maintenance. StratusDX cloud faxing provides 24/7 around the clock faxing services.

Auto-Fax Features:

  • • $0 required in hardware and maintenance
  • • Faxing log to review daily workloads
  • • Auto-fax triggers on Final Report or Prelim-Report
  • • Rules fax based on customer type
  • • Rules fax based on report status
  • • Reporting logs that can be exported to Excel
  • • Ad-Hoc faxing from patient orders history