Document Management

Store Documents in the Cloud Easy Access

The Document Management module allows for the laboratory to store documents in the cloud for easy accessibility. Documents can be updated and reviewed by individuals that have the security access to edit documents. Technical consultants can use the option to login to the LIS and review SOPs remotely at any time. Root folders with sub folders can be created with an unlimited capacity to store documents in the cloud backed up with our state-of-the-art technology that protects the safety of your documents and backs them up to storage drives as a backup.

These are some examples of documents you might want to store:

  • • SOP’s can be stored for all the lab’s procedures to be online
  • • Package Inserts for analyzer reagents
  • • Material Safety Data sheets
  • • Maintenance logs on instrumentation and other lab equipment
  • • Calibration procedures
  • • Trouble shooting guides
  • • Contacts lists