Sample Storage

Catalog Sample Storage Locations

The Sample Storage utility allows for the laboratory to safely store samples in storage containers so that retrieving samples can be a more efficient process. Within the sample audit, you can pinpoint the exact storage container, rack, and position to find your samples. The utility allows for easy disposal of samples which clears test tube racks so that new samples can be stored.

Sample Storage Features:

  • • Locate samples immediately to save time
  • • Build unlimited storage units and racks into the LIS
  • • Sample audit trails provide when samples are stored and who performed the
  • • Emptying racks to allow for newer samples to be stored
  • • Full audit trail of the sample’s life in the lab
  • • Primarily used in high volume labs that require samples to be stored for a
    minimum timeframe
  • • Review orders status pending and prelims
  • • Sample auditing provided so providers can track all steps before results are